AVROM Sports believes that fitness is one of the biggest revolutions that our country really needs.

The need for fitness is also recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as he called for a 'Fit India' movement. He looks to take the nation forward on the path of fitness and wellness.

AVROM Sports is dedicated to the cause of a Fit India by raising awareness about the need for fitness and work towards creating and nurturing interests of our people towards fitness activities.

In 2018, AVROM Sports was established to challenge the way sporting events are being looked at and organised currently. We believe that experience is the most important part of an event and we work hard towards making every aspect of the event memorable for all our participants.

HDFC Bank Unite Pune Half Marathon was our first ever event organised on 7th October 2018 and turned out to be one of the most beloved events for Punekars that year. Never had the city seen such energy levels from a single running event. The icing on the cake was when 24 year old Javed Chaudhary who had lost a leg during an accident, ran 10km on one leg at PHM’18. Not only did he finish the race, but he also went on to perform a sensational dance on the song Zingaat which later went viral all over the internet.

The love and support that we received from all the people is making AVROM stronger each day and we are dedicated to delivering more such events in the coming years.


Promote Active Lifestyle & Well-being through World Class Participative Sporting Events, Coaching & Consulting.

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